From the land to the water, from the water to the sky,
from the sky to our hands and again back to the land.

Connected histories that nowadays
have brought us here.

  • 1919

    San Benito

    With the first fields in Patagonia and sheep breeding to market wool, San Benito was born, the first company of the Perez Companc’s family.
  • 1946

    Navy company

    Driven by the sheep business growth, Perez Companc navy company is founded to carry wool to several destinations.
  • 1956

    San Jorge

    The Perez Companc Navy Company founds the San Jorge forestry facilities in Misiones
  • 1958

    Oil company

    Foundation of the Perez Companc oil company, engaged in the drilling and completion of oil & gas wells.
    1990. PeCom becomes the second oil company of the South Cone.
    2002. PeCom is sold to Petrobras.

  • 1968

    Banco Río

    Banco Río de la Plata is born, one of the most important private financial institutions of the Argentine history.
    1980. Banco Río becomes the most important private banking network in Argentina.
    1997. Banco Río is sold to Grupo Santander. It was the only case in the world where Santander decided to keep the original name because of the bank's reputation.

  • 1970


    Goyaike is born, with the vision of becoming a leading agricultural company.
  • 1981


    Creation of Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos S.A. (CONUAR S.A.) as initiative undertaken by the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA) (National Atomic Energy Commission), in partnership with Perez Companc Group (33% and 67%, respectively).
  • 1982

    Del Carmen

    The Perez Companc Group sets foot in Uruguay with the acquisition of the San José establishment at the beginning of a growth history of one of the most important agricultural companies in Uruguay with fields in the best areas of the country.
  • 1998


    Perez Companc acquires one of the most legendary wineries in Argentina: Nieto Senetiner.
  • 1999

    Molinos Río de la Plata

    Marking its entry into the food business, the Group buys Molinos Río de la Plata in order to modernize the most traditional brands of the Argentine homes.
  • 2009

    Santa Margarita LLC

    Creation of the family society holding – Santa Margarita LLC
  • 2015


    As a result of the acquisition of the actives of the ex SADE, Perez Companc Group returns to the Oil & Gas sector as provider of exploration and production. In less than 3 years, with the acquisitions of Bolland and Tel3, the company double his size to become in the largest national company of services for Oil&Gas, electricity and telecommunications.
  • 2016

    Molinos Agro

    Molinos Agro, a leading company of the Argentine agri-exporter sector, is born as a result of the spin-off of Molinos Río de la Plata.