Molinos announced the winner of Molinos Innova contest

Within the framework of a ceremony that took place at the IAE Business School, Molinos and the IAE announced the winner of Molinos Innova, the contest in which over 210 projects from all over the country participated.

Andean Flours, the project led by entrepreneur Carolina Antonela Curti from Salta, met the main goal of this initiative: to promote healthier eating in the Argentine population. How? By means of developing germinated flours and fermented products from amaranth, quinoa, cañihua and tarwi, original from producers in the Argentine North West (NOA, for its acronym in Spanish) region, for the manufacturing of bakery products and pasta. Apart from their nutritional properties, the product is suitable for coeliac patients.

A board of specialists formed by Diego Pistone, Molinos Business Executive Director, Diego Pistone; Silvia Torres Carbonell, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship of IAE; Santiago Bilinkis, entrepreneur and technologist; Eduardo Kastika, specialist in creativity and innovation; and Gustavo Nusenovich, founder of the consultancy Disruptive, assessed each of the presentations of Nutrics, Andean, Uco Drone, Vequa, and Feedlots, the 5 final cases, so as to later choose the winning proposal.

The 5 finalists of Molinos Innova will have access to a scholarship of the NAVES program of IAE 2020 where they will have the opportunity to boost their ideas and set up their own business plan. NAVES is the means to channel a venture and enrich it with a vast network of contacts from the business world.

On the other hand, in 2020 two members of Andean Flours will be able to travel to Silicon Valley, the global capital city of innovation. The prize contemplates a seven-day visit to the greatest innovation park in the world and the route consists of attending conferences, presentations and events aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs to be more innovative, take risks and think big. Meetings with the most important Silicon Valley actors like businessmen, managers and investors will be organized, as well as corporation visits. On the other hand, the winners will find revealing experiences regarding the impact of business innovation, they will be able to develop a global perspective, make valuable connections and gain inspiration from those business people that are shaping the future.

Through Innova Molinos Contest, the company highlights the ideas of entrepreneurs from all over the world who seek to join in an innovative manner to the companies’ aim of promoting healthier eating in the Argentine population.

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