Molinos, nearer consumers

More than ever, at Molinos, we are currently trying to be closer to our consumers, connecting our brands to the situations and feelings that homes are going through.


We will share the campaigns and news of our brands:

Gallo Snacks has launched new cheese and pizza flavored Chips.

Matarazzo and Aimé have launched their new commercials “Paredes” and “La Cuarenté”, reaching the Top 5 most seen commercials in YouTube in April.

Besides, Matarazzo has been awarded with the April Lápiz de Oro prize.

New wine Vine Cobos Volturno 2016 was chosen among the best 30 wines in the world.

Arlistán returned to the television promoting our smooth and frothy coffee.

Exquisita communicated again, reaching consumers in a very special manner. Together with PedidosYa, it invites you to deliver a sponge cake to your beloved ones, so as to be closer to them at these times.


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