National Meeting of higher education scholarship holders

The Annual Meeting of Higher Education Scholarship Holders that Perez Companc Foundation has been organizing since 2012 took place with a programme held in Temaiken. For 2 days, the students had activities aimed at acquiring skills for professional inclusion and development.


Almost 100 students, whose parents collaborate with the different companies in the Group, participated on this occasion. Most of those students were accompanied by the Foundation in their school days and at present they are doing their higher studies.


For the first time, Perez Companc Group CEO, Pablo Antúnez: Molinos Río de la Plata CEO, Agustín Llanos; Molinos agro CEO, Pablo Noceda; Goyaike CEO, Christián Angió; PECOM CEO, Javier Gremes Cordero; and CONUAR CEO, Pablo Schroeder, took part in the meeting. Throuthrough the day, by means of a panel session, a lunch shared, and the different activities planned, the authorities recalled their school days and shared their experiences at the start of their careers, when they had their first job opportunities. When the sessions ended, the students remarked that this exchange had enabled them to reflect on the importance of perseverance, effort, dedication and motivation to achieve their dreams.


Circumstances like this demonstrate the complementary existing between Perez Companc Foundation and the companies in the Group, working in a jointly manner to add value both to the collaborators to the companies of the Group and to their families.

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