Progress Of The Lago Pellegrini-Loma Campana Oil Pipeline

In one of the most important works for the productive future of Vaca Muerta, PECOM makes progress with the Lago Pellegrini – Loma Campana oil pipeline.


Vaca Muerta is a rock formation of more than 35,000 kms2 extending across four provinces: Neuquén, Río Negro, La Pampa and Mendoza and that includes more than 40% of gas and 60% of non-conventional oil in the country, making it the largest reservoir of this kind in Argentina and the second largest in the world.


In this environment, the new oil pipeline will be aimed at carrying the production of about 16,000 m3/day, from Loma Campana Crude Oil Treatment Plant to the Lago Pellegrini Pumping Station. Its full extension is more than 80 kilometers from Neuquén to Río Negro and it is an essential work for the Argentine energy development.


In this project, PECOM is the main contractor of YPF, employing more than XXX during the work that will last XX months.

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