We are a new generation,
with new challenges, but with the same passion
and a great history to honor.

Our Philosophy

We believe it is possible to make businesses grow honestly, caring to the same extent for the economic, social and environmental impact of everything we decide to undertake.


We are convinced that our main resource are not lands, plants, or the brands, products or services our companies market. Our main resource is our people. That is what differentiates us.


Therefore, we want to drive companies, develop brands, make businesses grow, doing things well and also doing things that do good:


To People: Who are our differential resource
so that they may have jobs that reward them, they are
proud of and help them grow.


To the Environment: To be able to know the surrounding nature, be able to protect it better, enrich it and preserve it over time.


To Argentina: To help build a better future for all of us who live in the country, making it shine in and out.

Our Vision

To develop businesses that have a positive impact on people and the communities, thus promoting the construction of a better world.

Our Mission

Improve Argentina’s

Our Conviction

Do Things
Well Always.

We are a family of companies that seek to do good businesses, although not at any expense.


We want to do profitable businesses, to be conducted honestly and on an engaged basis, that are sustainable in the long term and that they have the power to have a positive impact on people’s lives.


These are the principles that guide our family from their inception and based on which we have achieved things which we are currently proud of.


Since our inception in the countryside, with our sheep, to the bank, food or the navy company, what motivated us has always been the desire to explore, discover, entrepreneur, foster and make things in which we really trust grow.


And this way of doing things is what distinguishes us from the rest and makes us unique. We start from a premise as simple as unyielding: good businesses are those that are capable of generating income, leaving a positive footprint on people’s life because our businesses are those with values and seek long-term results. Time does not rush us. We are from this land, we were born here and here we are, as strong as the first day, ready to build a better future through businesses that have a positive impact on people and on the country.

Pérez Companc Group’s Structure.

What does each role contribute to the Group?


Shareholders decide on the Group’s “course of business” with long-term vision. They are the first ones who ensure that this purpose is achieved by making decisions on their Shareholders’ Board.


The holding company prepares and executes the mid- and long-term strategic planning for the whole portfolio of the Group’s companies and investments. This planning is subject to the Shareholders’ approval. With this comprehensive vision, it works jointly with the companies adding value to businesses, ensuring the course of business agreed.


Business platforms within which our companies carry out operations are the Group’s growth vectors in which the defined strategic planning materializes.