Our Values Are the Strength to Sustain our Companies’ Direction.

Our businesses’ value is not measured only by the impact of their economic success, but also by the capacity of creating value upholding the principles that are inherent to the Perez Companc’s family.


Technical knowledge is practiced, professional skills are developed, the business vision is trained. Values, instead, are present or not. They cannot be by half.


We seek to build relationships especially with people who share our values, who appreciate to have them and who are not ready to negotiate them.

Our Corporate Philosophy

A company is a human project of economic achievements, which happens forward, towards the future. It is a history of small and big challenges that, as from pioneer times, has gained the capacity of change, power and responsibility, in agreement with the owned company’s productive activities.


A company dares thanks to the past impact, but lives and acts for present commitments and future projects.


The cornerstone of a company’s development and success is adopting, identifying and being loyal to some values and principles.

These principles should enlighten and guide goals.


They should provide a common direction for the whole organization, establishing behavioral guidelines.
The statement about the corporate culture and philosophy is a process of addition and integration.


Everyone’s motivation and commitment to the Company’s philosophy, values and goals are always more important than the economic or technical resources available.


Therefore, when undertaking activities and businesses related to third parties, we should consider a business culture and mutual compatibility of values, especially in associations with wide and permanent purposes or with outstanding public exposure.


Joining cultures is a process of customization where we intend to lay down own guidelines, accept others’ compatible principles and replace those criteria in conflict with our core principles.
A company is a process of ongoing creation pursuing renewed goals.


It is a great call for the involvement and projection of people and the local environment. It is an opportunity for excellence. So we expect to be lived, with the enthusiasm and tenacity of pioneer times and with the responsibility required by the group’s projection in the economy and the owned company.


The corporate values specified below implies the responsibility of giving a consistent testimony in our daily activity and to the community.
The source of inspiration of our philosophy and our values is God’s faith and a Christian vision of the man’s existence and end. Therefore, we invoke God’s inspiration and protection for all the members of the great Perez Companc family and for our works and projects. This is the spirit reflected in our articles of incorporation. These are the lessons taught by our elderly people.