Goyaike And Perez Companc Foundation Launched “Hacer Escuela” (Schooling)

With an opening conference organized by Ms. Silvina Gvirtz, a renowned specialist in education matters, on September 5, the “Hacer Escuela“(Schooling) project was launched in the cities of Salto and Carmen de Areco. The project was driven by a joint work of Perez Companc Foundation and Goyaike, a leading company in the agricultural business with operations in Argentina and Uruguay.


The initiative seeks to consolidate school and district leadership teams through training given to managerial staff during two years. The agreements were a complete success not only due to the number of attendants to the opening conference, but also the resulting liaison between the community and the cities where Goyaike carries out its operations. In Carmen de Areco, the conference was opened by the mayor, Mr. Marcelo Skansi.


This project follows the tradition of joint work between the Foundation and our companies, in this case, Goyaike, adding value in the communities near our locations, as established by our Corporate Philosophy: “in addition to contributing to creating job positions and producing goods and services, we play an active role in improving the life quality of the society as a whole, especially in the areas we work on, focusing on education, health and social work areas.”

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